The Right Way To Decorate Your Kitchen

new furnished kitchen in luxury home

There’s a bit of interior designer in everyone. Today, there’s a wealth of assistance available in social media, online and with new software applications that provide ways to draw up plans for designing and decorating a kitchen. These software applications are user-friendly and offer a broad selection of ideas and choices of styles for redecorating. This is interior design the right way for novices.

Begin Interior Design With A Plan

Designers discuss the sketches inside the house.

Individuals settle into regular routines when it comes to the kitchen. For some, breakfast may be “drive by”. For others, it’s an early morning end run to daily chores. Families with young children may spend lunches together in this busiest room in the house. Nearly all families find a need to gather together at dinner time.

Routine sets the tone for the type of kitchen to be designed and decorated. Create a plan of interior design by taking stock of available floor space, the number of appliances, size of counter space and seating availability. This assessment will determine how large the interior design project may be.

For major alterations to walls or floor space, seek assistance from a professional. If the changes are relatively small, consider using a comprehensive software application to provide virtual projections using accurate sizes, widths, and spacing.

Choose Your Style For Design

white kitchen

Before advancing to the design phase, it’s important to know personal preferences regarding styles. Should the design reflect an ultra-modern look or something more traditional? Consider existing furnishings before choosing new room decor.

Today’s trends allow for a mix of styles to create greater levels of contrast. For instance, furniture can have a classic country style and be blended with modern decorations like wall clocks, sconces, and trivets. Also consider the convenience of “zoning” certain areas of the room such as cooking prep zone, clean-up zone, and a dining zone.

By compartmentalizing areas of the room, it’s easier to decorate each zone to fit the type of use it receives. This method also helps save valuable space for additional storage if needed. For instance, a cooking prep zone can add space by the use of a hanging island for pots, pans, and other cooking implements. The dining zone can be separated, if floor space allows, by a serving/prep island and a cozy breakfast nook near to a window.

Floor Coverings And Lighting Adds To Room Decor


When planning changes, don’t overlook floor coverings and lighting fixtures. For some redecorating projects, upgrading floor coverings with modern designs like travertine tiles or design-enhanced, resilient vinyl tiles can make all the difference to the appearance of the room.

The right lighting makes a wonderful style statement. Opt for the types of designs that generate interest and eye appeal and provide sufficient lighting for working and dining. Check online for the best choices of flooring and lighting for updating the lighting system in the room. Look for lighting that offers maximum energy efficiency and balanced illumination of the entire room.

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