How To Redesign Your Bedroom In A Few Easy Steps

If we spend a third of our lives sleeping, that’s a third of our lives spent in our bedroom. So it’s natural to want to fall asleep and wake up in a bedroom that pleases the eye. If you’re tired of your bedroom décor or want to reorganize and redesign your personal space, here are some tips for you.

Rearranging and Making Space

bedroom 1

Use what you have. Take a look at your room and identify the main pieces of furniture. You’ll be surprised by how different your room will look if you simply move things about and rearrange the furniture. If your room is full of clutter, don’t be afraid to throw it out or box it up as clutter makes a room look messy.

Small or dark bedrooms can be made to look bigger and brighter with the addition of a few well-placed mirrors or mirror doors on your wardrobe. If your bedroom is small, sliding wardrobes with mirrors might be a good idea as they don’t require as much leeway for the doors to open.

Wall Adornments


Bare walls can be made more interesting with a gallery or the addition of fairy lights for some cheap atmospheric lighting. A well laid out photo wall is a particularly attractive option as it costs little or nothing to make. It also adds a personal touch to the room and makes for a good talking point whenever guests come over.

Introducing New Colors

bedroom 3

If you’re tired of the room’s color scheme but don’t want to paint, invest in new bed linen, a few cushions, and a mat or rug to match. This is an easy way of giving your room a new lease of life. Candles on your window sill or bedside locker can also add a dash of color. It can also be used to enhance the ambiance in the room in the evenings.

An Accent Wall

bedroom 4

For a bigger change, why not paint or wallpaper just one wall for what they call an accent wall? Accent walls look modern and inject some color into a room, as well as draw attention to a particular part of the room. As it is only one wall, you can use loud or bold patterned wallpapers that might be overwhelming if used on all four walls.

By taking a few of these simple measures, it’s not difficult to transform your room into something really special, so get creative and start mixing things up now!


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