Top Ways to Give Your Interior Walls a Wow Factor

Walls take up a huge portion of the home’s interiors. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not see the decorating opportunities these expansive surfaces present. As a result, they settle with big, cold, white walls.

However, you can banish the boring look of your walls. While repainting is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to do that, the possibilities for perking up interior walls are endless.

And the good part is there is no need for expensive artwork. If you are willing to be creative, there is no reason to live with a broad expanse of cold nothingness on walls.

Here are some suggestions to give them some statement of their own.

Go with unique wallpaper patterns 

Wallpaper is always an excellent treatment for walls and is a great alternative for paint as well. Instead of going for floral prints, though, opt for a geometric-patterned piece to give your walls a modern edge and to lend the space a bold look.

Wallpaper with light geometric patterns is a nice touch for a small room as prints create a reverse effect, making the room look more spacious than it actually is.

Wallpaper with patterns that depict a touch of nature, such as wood grain, rocks, grass, etc. also makes for a great wall treatment as it can give the room a more natural look. Opting for a less traditional colour can also help keep the space more modern and refreshing to the eyes.

Try Gallery Walls 

Purchase photo frames of different sizes and shapes and arrange them beautifully on the wall. You can either follow a symmetric pattern or arrange them asymmetrically.

There are also galleries with letters embedded on it which would make another interesting wall decor piece.

Instead of going for different photo frames you can also purchase a single gallery piece that is divided into different small frames. The only drawback of this type of frames is that they tend to be heavy as many frames are joined together.

Wake up your walls


Another great way to create visual interest on your walls is to use panels on them. Panels for walls are available in a wide variety of styles, including wainscoting, beaded boards, chair rails, and trim pieces just to name a few.

These decorative items can add an instant stamp of character to any space and they work well for any type of interior design. For instance, if you want to lend a cottage persona to your room, you can never go wrong with the beaded board. If you would like to further emphasize a traditionally decorated space, paneled wainscoting is the best choice.

Let them be exposed

If you have masonry interior walls, such as brick or natural stone, in your living room or elsewhere in your home, do not cover them up with drywall. Instead, leave them be and allow them to become design statements.

Masonry walls easily provide a sense of warmth to space and their natural look and rough texture go beautifully with different kinds of furnishings.

If you do not have a masonry wall, then you can stick wallpapers that provide the effect.

Display collections on floating shelves

An otherwise plain wall could become a decorative and multipurpose surface if you affix floating shelves to it. These furnishings do not have unsightly brackets and can be attached to a wall with slide brackets and screws.

For your blank wall, hang three or more floating shelves at staggering angles and fill them up with your collections.  You may even use the shelves to store other items to keep them off the floor.

For your display to pop, consider painting the shelves with a colour that contrasts the existing paint of the wall.

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