How to make small living room appear bigger

When you are left with no choice but to make do with a small living room, there are plenty of creative tips and tricks to make the room appear bigger. You don’t have to make huge renovations if money is a problem. These tips will help you make the right choices when choosing the wall color, or the type of center table and area rug to use.

All it takes are organizational skills and restoration of old items to make the living room look elegant and spacious.

Use a light, bright color scheme to provide contrast in the room.

Colors can manipulate the eyes’ perception of a room. Thus if you use colors like pastel, white, and cream, your room will give out an optical illusion of being bigger.

When natural light enters the room, the light color will reflect the effects of the light and make the room feel open and airy. Besides, light colors like soft hues of blue and green will make the room look more inviting.

On the other hand, dark colors absorb light and will only make the room even smaller. So if you are still undecided on what color to paint your walls, choose light colors.

How to Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger

Limit the accessories in the room.

Too much clutter can make your small living room even feel more cramped. Arrange your accessories and keep them out of sight to make the room feel open and orderly.

If you have to hang pictures, choose a single large frame than a group of small ones. Too many things going on makes the room feel crowded as they all clamor for your attention.

Create one focal point only in the room.

The focal point is the first thing you notice in the room—may be the mirror, curtains, or the sofa. Ask yourself what you want the living room to be. Is it for reading, sitting around, or watching television? Based on your answer, you can already determine which area you would like to accentuate to be seen first.

Use natural light to your advantage.

Add as much light as you can into the room and it will surely create energy and vibe into the interior. Pull back curtains and shades to let the light enter. Cover up bad views outside the window by hanging plants or placing flower pots by the window. Add lamps to create special colors in the room.

how to make small living rooms look bigger

Use light-colored floors and ceilings.

Don’t forget that the floor and the ceiling are the fifth and sixth walls of the room. If you have to select a type of hardwood flooring, choose light oak. If replacing the flooring will be too costly, consider placing a light-colored area rug.

You can also check out the different types of flooring that have become popular in the market. Same with the ceiling, opt for light colors to give an “open” illusion to space above.

Choose the right furniture.

Instead of wooden tables, select a glass coffee table or glass top dining table instead to create an appearance of free and open space. This lets light filter under the furniture and makes the room look airier.

Blend in the furniture to the room by choosing furniture that is of the same color as the walls. The furniture should also not be too high that they make the ceiling look lower than it is. Have some space between your furniture too. Sofas and chairs are recommended to have open arms and exposed legs.

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