Be more Productive with these Home Office Design Ideas

Having an efficient home office design helps people increase their productivity. Home offices are an added benefit for any professional who enjoys working from home.

A good home office design combines the best of both worlds, the productivity of your office, with the comfort of your own home. Whether you control your entire business from home or you use it once a year during tax season, having a home office design that increases your productivity while away from your work office is the most ideal situation.

Home organization experts can help you maximize all the space available for your home office design by asking you a series of questions to glean what you want to get out of your home office. Here are examples of a few popular solutions:

·         Fold out Desk: These are desks with a fold out workstation for more room. Home organization specialists know that a desk needs to have room, not just for a computer and a printer, but a space to spread out your work and stay organized without cluttering a small area. Having a fold-out desk portion allows you the extra room when you need it and keeps it out of the way when you don’t.

·    Overhead cabinets:  Overhead cabinets with lighting underneath are a great way to provide you with a task light while you work as well as storage for your office equipment and paperwork.

·         Pull out keyboard tray: A pull out keyboard tray will provide ergonomics and also keeps the keyboard out of harm’s way when not in use. A pull-out wastebasket will help keep all of your trash and debris located in one central location out of eyesight.

·         Peninsula DeskDepending on what type of work you will be doing from your home office and what type of business you run, you may want to think about incorporating multiple workstations and separating them with a peninsula desk. A peninsula desk is a desk running perpendicular to the other desk spaces that you can easily turn to for extra space or to collaborate with your other workspace partner.

·         Corner StorageMaking effective use of your corners is crucial for having a home office design that utilizes all of the available space. Corner storage that spans every inch of available wall space is going to increase your productivity by helping to reduce your clutter and boost your cleanliness.

Whatever your use is for a home office you can design the perfect space for you. Add your own style to your home office space and create a space that evokes productivity through implementing custom organizational features.


  1. It’s very true that too much clutter really does inhibit your productivity – I had a glance around my office at home last night and it’s full of all sorts of junk. Clear out, I think!


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