How To Adorn Baby’s Room

A newborn baby is always welcomed with warmth and excitement. Parents plan so many things before and on his arrival; from his clothes to room decor.

Baby’s room is always decorated with love and care as every couple wants to do something different for the baby’s room. The selection of furniture, the colours of the wall and decor accessories all together make a perfect room for baby.

The baby room should be furnished and adorned before the arrival of the baby as this is a time-consuming task and cannot be done in hours or so. If you already know the gender, it would be even easier for you to perfectly furnish the room with a girlish or boyish touch; otherwise, you can choose neutral colours and stuff that goes well with both.

Whether the room is for boy or girl, the ambiance of the room should be warm, comfortable and peaceful. Select the room next to your bedroom so you can easily reach him when required. Here are some great ideas for newborn babies’ room decor.

Bright touch

If you want to give a brighter touch to baby’s room, decorate it with utmost care and attention. To make the room look brighter, you need to place a large window that will let fresh air and natural light enter the room.

Exposure to sunlight will create a warm, relaxing and cozy ambiance in the room. Sunlight is even good for your baby; providing him a great amount of vitamin D.

The walls of the room should be painted in white colour for the bright feel. Select furniture that is lighter in tone and gives a soft and soothing touch. You can also decorate the room keeping in mind the Colour Psychology for Home Decor. You can add curtains and carpet in a darker shade to balance the ambiance.



Floral or butterfly theme

If the room is for baby girl, you can use a floral or butterfly theme to add a girlish and bubbly look. These themes will give an artistic and creative touch to the room speaking for your aesthetic taste.

For floral and butterfly decoration, you can either choose 2 coloured floral and butterfly patterns like pink and white or a combination of various colours. A combination of more than 2 colours will make the room look a little funky and cheerful while 2 coloured floral themes will keep the look soft.

A floral or butterfly theme can be incorporated by going for wallpaper or wall stickers of your favorite color.

A floral or butterfly theme doesn’t mean that you put everything in the room with floral or butterfly patterns. In fact, you need to be very careful to create a sensible balance in room decor.

If you are using a butterfly wall sticker on the wall, make sure that the curtain is plain.  Place mix of plain and butterfly cushions on the bed. This way you will be able to maintain a balance in the room.

The selection of floral decor theme also depends on the size of the room. If the room is too small, do not go for this theme as it will make the room look messy and untidy. It is better to add a brighter touch by following above-mentioned ideas. A floral theme is ideal for spacious rooms and not recommended for smaller rooms.

Elegant Decor

A room with light coloured walls and stylish furniture will make the room look appreciably elegant and trendy. To create an elegant ambiance in the room, you can opt for trendy and cheap metal beds. Add ornaments in the room by placing a few on the wall and side table.

This type of room decor is suitable for both girls and boys.

Metal bed in kids room with ornaments on wall
Image courtesy Pinterest

Cartoon theme

The cartoon and fairyland themes are never out when it comes to decorating a baby’s room. For girl babies, Cinderella, Snow-white, Mini Mouse and Dora create a perfect ambiance in the room.

Choose any of the characters and start shopping for the stuff. Make sure you don’t over decorate the room to give a fairyland touch in the room.

For boys, there is a long list of cartoon characters and supernatural heroes like Ben10, Mickey Mouse, Ninja, Spiderman, Superman, and much more. Select any of them and decorate the room with a thrilling and adventurous touch.

Babies are a gift from God; they should be given utmost importance, love, and care. Be creative and do something special for them as a notion of a warm welcome to their entrance in your lives.


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