How to Choose a Crystal Chandelier?


If you want to add elegance and sophistication to your home, crystal chandelier lighting is certainly a good piece to start with. With its classic, vintage appearance, you can transform any part of your home to become a charmingly ornate piece of art.

There are a lot of styles you can choose from – vintage chandelier, mini chandelier, contemporary chandelier, and pendant chandelier – and it may be a challenge to choose just one out of the many beautiful pieces that are available.

Here are some steps to help you pick the best crystal chandelier for that particular space in your home.

Step 1: Know Your Crystals

Research on the types of crystals that are available for your chandelier – their cut, clarity, and of course, price. This will help you narrow down your choices when searching for that perfect chandelier.

Here are the basics about crystals:


This is the most refined and most expensive of all crystals. Manufactured by Swarovski AG in the Austrian Alps, Strass Crystal is the finest crystal in the world. It is an optically pure crystal, as clear as spring water, absolutely free of flaws and imperfections, and unique in purity and brilliance.

Strass crystals are treated with an invisible coating, which eliminates dust attraction and makes it easier to clean and maintain them. This type of crystal would be ideal for the crystal aficionado.



Made by the same manufacturer of Strass Crystals, a Swarovski Crystal exudes the beauty of a Strass Crystal at a more affordable price. Using advanced technology coupled with old world expertise, Swarovski produced this brilliant crystal with precision cutting and impeccable light reflection.

The Swarovski Crystal is designed to offer quality at an affordable price.


Italian Crystal is the best choice for a homeowner whose budget cannot afford a Swarovski or Strass Crystal. Also called Venetian Crystal, this crystal is molded, not cut, so it is not as brilliant as cut crystal but still possesses subtle charm and extraordinary value. 


This crystal exudes the traditional look of the old world crystal. Using a technique that goes back centuries, the Majestic Wood Polished Crystal is cut by hand on iron, then by a sandstone wheel. Then, each crystal is polished on a wood wheel with marble dust. Looking closely, you will find that each crystal is unique, with light traces of the wood wheel.


Murano Crystals are hand blown pieces that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Once color is added, they become beautiful ornate pieces with unique and interesting designs.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Examine the style and architecture of your home, and pick a theme that will fit within the overall character of your living space. A traditional looking home may be accentuated by a vintage crystal chandelier. Modern residences will do well with either an antique crystal chandelier or a contemporary crystal chandelier.

Step 3: Determine the Space and its Dimensions

chandlier 2

Determine where you would like to position the chandelier and measure the dimensions of the room. Make sure to buy a chandelier that will not be too large for your space. Crystal chandeliers may also be used for outdoor lighting.

Step 4: Check Your Budget

Crystal chandeliers can be quite expensive, particularly those with quality crystals, such as Swarovski. But there are also other options that will fit into your budget, depending on the type of crystals used. Looking for crystal chandeliers on sale can also be a great option.


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