Home Décor Ideas to Welcome the Summer Sunshine into Your Home

Summer is a playful and lighthearted time of the year, which brings with it loads of fun. A few people spend their summers in vacation homes, fully enjoying the bright skies and nature’s beauty. However, everyone cannot afford to go on vacation homes.

But, with small changes in your home, you can make it cool, comfortable and inviting. With a home décor project, you can refresh your living space and make your home reflect the spirit of summer.

Celebrate the arrival of summer by using lightweight fabrics and adding cheerful colors to your home. This is a great time to connect with the surroundings, and so you can extend your living space outside.

Here are some ideas for decorating your home to make it summer-ready.

  • Add greenery to your home: In the summer months, remove the heavy rugs from the floors and enjoy the bare floors. You can place some greenery in the form of green leaves or small branches in the vases instead of placing flowers. This would give the room a fresh and casual look.


  • Add breezy colors:

For a relaxed coastal look, you can use colors like grays and pale blues. To make the room more interesting, you can use chairs with an ikat-patterned slipcover or an ikat printed bedspread.


  • Add a country appeal:

The best way to provide a country appeal is to go for chairs and tables with a rustic touch. You can go for a wooden side table in your living room or a nightstand in your bedroom to bring in that country feel.


  • Create a cottage feel:

Accessorize the rooms in your home with items having a feel of the country. You can use beautiful items like old-school fan, sailboats, bottles, and pitchers.



  • Make your home bright:

To have a clean, fresh and bright look, whitewash your home and create a paneling of tongue-and-groove. Decorate the home with citrus shade pillows to enhance the summery mood.

Image courtesy arhitekturaplus
  • Switch for white shade:

Use slipcovers of white color for your sofa. They can always be bleached, and would also help to increase the longevity of your sofa.

Image courtesy cococozy.com
  • Add colors to your bathroom:

If you have a white bathroom, you can add curtains of bright colors in it, with complementing accessories. You can add a bit of the outdoor feel to it by placing a white hydrangeas bouquet, or flowers matching the colors of your bathroom.

Bringing in a summer feel to your home is not a difficult task. You can check online for inspiration and ideas. If you have a creative mindset then it can make matters even easier.

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