Monsoon Decor Ideas for Your Home

It’s finally monsoon time in India. The incessant rain, cool breeze, and cloudy weather make you so lazy that the only thought in your mind is to curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee.

Though the rainy season is romanticized by poets, it may not be so romantic in real life. But making a few changes in your overall decor can boost your mood and brighten your home.

Here are a few interesting decor ideas for monsoon.

Add a touch of color with flowers.   

Get some fresh flowers from the market and make it the focal point of your decor. Rose, lilies, peonies, and orchids are some flowers that can brighten up your interiors. If stepping out in the rain is not your cup of tea, then you can order a bouquet online.


If getting fresh, natural flowers are way too hard, then you can go for bright artificial flowers to provide a vibrant look to your decor.



Bring in the Scent with Perfumed candles

Since monsoon time is all about cozying up inside the house, you can place a few candles in sweet fragrance inside the house. Few of the scents that are best suited for monsoon are jasmine, caramel, rose, and lavender.

You can place the candles on the side table of your living room or even in the bedroom to bring in a touch of romance.


Swap Your Cushions

The gloomy weather outside is sure to have its effect inside the house as well. If the indoor colors are dull, it is sure to affect your mood.

If you have gray, or brown cushions, swap that for bright-colored ones like orange and yellow that reminds you of summer.


Open Up With Sheer Curtains

Curtains can block half of the light that enters the house. Instead of cotton or silk curtain, you can go for light sheer curtains during monsoon. Sheer curtains let the outside light stream in and provides a bright and airy feel to the house.


Change the Door Mat

Instead of going for the brown and gray doormats, you can select something vibrant to pep up the overall mood. You can try colors like yellow and green to brighten up your doorway.



Bring in the Song of the Wind

Monsoon is not just about rain. It is also about the cool and soothing breeze that flows through. Hang beautiful wind chimes in your balcony or verandah to bring in the beautiful sounds of the season.


Monsoon decor_wind chimes


Monsoon need not be dull and boring anymore. A little bit of creativity and imagination can transform the overall look of your interiors.


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