How to Decorate Your Home in Indian Style

Decorating a home is a delightful experience for many. It provides a sense of accomplishment and joy which you may not get from any other activity.

India, being a vibrant and colorful country, the decor style is also eclectic. The different culture, tradition, and belief all play a crucial role in the Indian style of decor.

Furniture:  Indian’s have an obsession with true wooden furniture, though the trend is slowly changing now. In addition to wooden furniture, you can also go for Muddha/stool, ottoman with Indian patchwork, multi-colored chest of drawers, and an ethnic folding chair to bring in an Indian touch.


Furnishing: This includes pillows, throws, bedspread and even upholstery for sofa. Cushion covers with mirror and hand embroidery work, bedspread with Kantha work and Rajasthani print all form part of Indian home decor.

Artwork: Indian artwork is famous all over the world. Madhubani, Rajasthani, mural and Kutchi artwork can be incorporated to provide an authentic Indian flavor. These artworks can be in the form of paintings, wall hangings, and even wall decals.



Decor Products: From figurines to lamps and decorative bowl, there is no shortage of Indian decor items. For small decor items that can be kept on shelves, you can go for traditional Indian wooden nesting doll, Indian brass elephant showpiece and laughing Buddha showpiece.

If you are looking for large decor items that can be kept on the floor, you should go for a traditional lamp, or decorative brass urli.

Colors are the base of Indian home decor. And it is these colors that makes Indian decor more vibrant and lively.

Do you have any special Indian decor style to share with us? Comment below with your valuable suggestions.

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