4 Best Buddha Statues for Home Decor

Peace and calm are two virtues that you look for in a home. In whichever form you decorate your house, if you cannot maintain peace and harmony in it, the very purpose of decorating itself is defeated.

Buddha statues are considered a symbol of peace and well-being. In fact, decorating the house with Buddha statue has become a trend now. But only a few people know about the significance of Buddha statue and how and where to keep it to get the best result.

Here we present a small guide on how to place Buddha in your home and bring in that positive vibe indoors.

1. Blessing Buddha



In this idol, Buddha sits in a meditative position with one hand in a blessing gesture. Keeping the hand in this gesture has two meanings. Firstly, it is meant to protect yourself from any danger. Secondly, it helps to overcome your inner fear and helps you to be at peace.

This Buddha statue can be placed at the entrance of the home to ward off all negativity and to protect the family.

2. Reclining Buddha


The reclining or nirvana pose of Buddha stands for the last moments of Buddha’s life before he achieves Nirvana. Nirvana is the state of life when you are at peace with yourself. By placing reclining Buddha statue in your home you are encouraging others in the house to feel enlighted and seek internal peace and harmony.  

The statue shows the smiling face of Buddha which shows the happiness you experience when you attain Nirvana. 


3. Meditating Buddha



In the meditative pose, Buddha is in a sitting position with folded legs and hands resting on the palm. The eyes are fully or partially closed as he sits in meditation. The meditative pose of Buddha is a symbol of inner peace.

This idol can be placed in any quiet corner of the house. Ideally, it can be placed where you sit for prayer or meditation. You can place incense sticks or candles near the idol to create a calm and peaceful surrounding.


4. Praying Buddha


In this idol, Buddha sits in a praying position with the hands folded in prayer pose. This pose stands for faith and devotion. 

You can place this idol in your pooja room or any other place where you normally pray. But make sure that it is in an elevated position as looking down at Buddha is disrespectful.


Other Versions of Buddha Figurine


Buddha Bust



Unlike the various poses of Buddha idol’s, the bust of Buddha does not have any significance. It is mainly used as a decor piece in homes. Since Buddha is all for peace and harmony, Buddha’s bust also symbolizes the same.

There is no particular place where you can keep the Buddha bust. It is mostly kept in the living room as a decor piece. But rooms like laundry, and bathroom are off-limit for Buddha idol.


Outdoor Buddha




Buddha statues are not just for indoors. It can also be placed in the balcony or garden of your house if you spend a lot of time outdoors.

Outdoor Buddha should be placed near a water body like a  pond in the garden or a fountain in the balcony. Flowers should also be placed near the statue for a rejuvenated feel

In addition to these different idols of Buddha, figurines of Laughing Buddha is also increasingly used in home decor. Laughing Buddha is not Gautham Buddha, instead, he is a Buddhist monk who lived 1000’s of years back. With his smiling face and protruding belly, the Laughing Buddha is considered to bring good luck to one’s life.



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