6 Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom On a Budget

Walking into the same old bathroom day-in and day-out can be boring. Well, who doesn’t like a change!!

If you are like me and want to provide a fresh, and new look to your bathroom here are a few interesting ideas.

1. Get an indoor plant

You can go for either a natural or an artificial plant as per your choice. Small plants can be kept on the bathroom vanity beside the sink.

If you have large bathrooms, then large plants can be placed on the corner to provide a fresh look.



2. Go for colourful rugs

 Rugs can add not just colour to your bathroom but also change the overall look of it. Rugs are now available in different shapes and design and you can choose the one depending on the style of the decor of your bathroom.




3. Change the bathroom accessories

When you cannot splurge a lot on bathroom redecoration, the best way to bring about a change is to go for beautiful bathroom accessories. You can either change the one or two accessories or change a whole range from bottles to trash cans.



4. Hang a pendant light

People hardly pay attention to bathroom lighting. Simple wall scones are the norm for the bathroom. Why not provide a dashing look by going for pendant lights?

Decorative pendant lights in different sizes and shapes are available online. You can select one depending on the style of decor.


5. Go for a decorative mirror

Instead of a simple rectangular mirror, go for a decorative mirror in unique shape. Decorative mirrors instantly lift the style quotient and provide a new dimension to the bathroom decor.


2. Add a beautiful shower curtain.

Even if you do not have a bathtub, you can still hang a shower curtain. The shower curtain not only helps to separate the dry area from the wet area but also creates a style statement in the bathroom.



Decorating a bathroom need not be an expensive affair. Small changes here and there can instantly lift the overall appeal of the bathroom.

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