5 Must-have Decor Items for Janmashtami

Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, is celebrated with a lot of joy and fervor throughout India. It is celebrated on the eight-day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Shravana and usually falls during August-September months. Being one of the major Hindu festivals, Janmashtami is celebrated on a large scale in both the Northern and Southern part of India.

The aroma of mouthwatering delicacies, glittering lights, and decoration with vibrant colors are all a part of Janmashtami celebration. To welcome the Lord, every household is decked up beautifully in myriads of colors. Unique decor products that are used especially during Janmashtami celebrations are the highlight of the decor.

Here are a few of those unique decor products that are used for Janmashtami decoration.

  • Lord Krishna Idol


Lord Krishna idol is the center of Janmashtami celebration. All decoration is done surrounding this idol.

The Lord Krishna Makhan Chor idol is made of polyresin and would make an ideal centerpiece for Janmashtami celebration. This idol is 6.5 inches high and can be placed inside a Mandir or on a table.

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  • Cradle (Jhula)




Lord Krishna is worshipped in baby form during Janmashtami. Thus, cradle forms an integral part of Janmashtami decor. Cradle stands for the love and care the Gopi’s have for little Krishna.

This handmade wooden Jhula is painted in myriads of colors to provide vibrancy to the decor. Beautiful embellishments fixed on the Jhula add to its beauty. This Jhula can be placed as such or a small Krishna idol can be seated on it.

  • Butter Pot


Lord Krishna’s love for butter is well-known. Janmashtami decor will be incomplete without that famous “Matka”.

Made of plastic, this wall hanging butter pot is lightweight and compact. It comes adorned with golden beads and threads for a decorative look. You can hang it beside your Pooja decor or even place it in front of it.

  • Peacock Feather


This is yet another interesting product that you can use for Janmashtami decor. This set consists of 25 peacock feathers that you can use to decorate either the pooja room or the idol. It can also be placed at different parts of your home to bring in a festive vibe.

  • Rangoli


Rangoli is a part of all Indian celebrations. Originally done with colored powders, ready-made rangolis have now taken the place of original rangoli designs.

This rangoli set comes with 11 pieces that make a large rangoli design. The design is adorned with studded stones and sequins that provides a beautiful look to the rangoli. The main advantage of using a readymade rangoli is that you can place it wherever you want within a matter of minutes.

Make these beautiful Janmashtami decor products a part of your home decor collection and provide a positive vibe to your celebration.

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