Drapes are like chameleons. They not only protect your house from light, sound, heat or cold but also acts as a decorative element. They give character to the space and bind all the furniture and decorations into one whole if they are chosen right.

First of all, let us make out the difference between curtains and drapes. Curtains are lighter and more transparent pieces of fabric. They are used mainly to add beauty to your interiors.


Drapes, on the other hand, are thicker and often darker. They are made from materials heavier than curtains, they bring in more texture in the room and with them, the decor of the room becomes more interesting.


Drapes don’t have to be the only decoration in a space. Apart from them, you can put blinds, which will give you another degree of light blocking in the room. Also, blinds can serve the purpose of creating privacy in your room, apartment or house.

How long should drapes be?

Generally, the longer it is, the more elegant and formal the look of your room will be. Shorter drapes imply a non-formal and casual look. There are a few standard drape lengths you should stick to. Everything between them will look strange.

Long drapes exist in two lengths. The first option is the full length of the drape that stops about 1 to 1.5 centimeters from the floor. There is another option when the drape is about 30 centimeters long and it lays on the floor creating a romantic atmosphere.


Short drapes come in three lengths: to the window board, over the window board and the last variant about 10 centimeters below the window board. They look great and they are practical in all rooms. All drapes should be lowered for a minimum of 1 to 2 cm from the ceiling so the movement doesn’t damage the paint and leaves a mark.

Also, they should be set about 8-10 centimeters above the top of the window so the sun doesn’t pass above the drape. The length of your drapes is also determined by the height of the room and the system of hanging the drapes.

Choosing a colour for your drapes

Never underestimate the color you chose for your drape. During the choice of the colour take into consideration the look of your space and its purpose, the size of the window, the color of the walls, the floor, and the furniture. The color of the drapes should match or accent the color of the curtains, so they fulfill each other. That is the starting point.

If you have completely white, transparent curtains, choosing drapes is easier and you have a much bigger choice. Try to fit the drapes with colors from a different object in the room like the pillows, the carpet, the color of the walls or some other color in the room that you want to accent.


The advantage of dark drapes is that they will make the room cozy and warm. In this case, take care that you don’t overdo it.  Darker colored drapes are ideal for bigger rooms. They will make the space seem more strict and masculine. If you still want something more relaxed and feminine, there is a great choice of floral and colorful designs. Bright colors catch your eye and make small rooms seem bigger.

If you don’t have a focus point in your room, you can create it by choosing attractive drapes. If you have it, drapes can be used to accent it. In this case you will choose less flamboyant drapes, otherwise, the focus point is lost.

Choosing drapes is not always easy and simple. Still, have in mind that they will not only give you protection from the sun and heat, but they will also add to the decoration of your space, bring in comfort in your home and give a hint of uniqueness to your space. If you think about it, the effort is worth it.

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