5 Types of Candle Holders Every Decor Enthusiast Should Be Familiar With

The main purpose of a candle holder is to hold the candle upright and to catch the wax drippings from the candle. But gone are the days when the candleholders were used for this basic function.

Now candle holders are an important decorative piece in most households. The variety of designs in which they are available and the ease of using them, makes the designer candle holders a favorite with homeowners.

Here we are sharing five different types of candle holders that every decor enthusiast should be familiar with.

Tea Light Candle Holder

Tea light candle holder for your home
Aakriti candle holder


If you plan to create a romantic mood in your interior, then the tea light candle holder would be the right choice. This candle holder is in the shape of a small decorative glass. You can place tealight candles inside the holder to set the right mood.

The main advantage of using a tea light candle holder is that it is relatively inexpensive. Thus, if you are planning to decorate your home with a limited budget, yet provide a stylish look to your interior, then the tea light candle holder would be the best bet. 

Tea light candle holder can be used to decorate the side table in your living area or the sideboard in your dining area. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table. 

Decorative Candle Holder

The Purple Tree Mosaic Candle Holder


These candleholders are like tea light candle holder and can be used for placing a tea light candle. But unlike tea light candle holders, these candle holders have decorative elements thus providing a stunning look. As such, this type of holder can be used with or without candles as per your personal taste.

The main advantage of this candle holder is that it is available in different price ranges. You can purchase one depending on how much you can spend.


Southern Homewares Candelabra


These are candle holders that were in use during ancient times. During the Victorian age, Candelabras were used instead of electric lights to provide brightness to the room. Thus, they were used as both decorative and functional pieces.

The difficulty in using candelabra is that it should blend with the overall design of the room. If the room is designed in a contemporary style, then you cannot use a candelabra with an antique touch. Moreover, candelabras are slightly expensive when compared to other candle holders because of its unique design.

Owing to its stunning look, the candelabra can be placed as a centerpiece on the dining table. It can also be placed on the console table to create a beautiful visual treat.


Lantern candle holder for your interior
Moksha Hanging Lantern


The old lantern which your grandmother used to brighten up the home has now taken a completely new look. It is now used as a decorative piece with a tea light candle placed inside.

There are different types of lantern candle holders available in the market. While a few are available in the old-fashioned design, there are others that come with beautiful metal cuttings to create a stunning look. These candleholders are available in both big and small sizes and you can select one depending on your requirement.

The main advantage of a lantern candle holder is that it can be used even outdoors. Because of the lantern type design of the holder, you do not have to worry about the flame getting blown away by the wind when placed outside.

Hurricane Candle Holder

Hurricane candle holder
Derien Antique Crackle Hurricane Candle Holder


These are candle holders with a peculiar shape that it completely protects the candle inside. Thus, just like the lantern, this candle holder can also be used outdoors. Hurricane candle holders are normally made of glass and are available in different colors.

The peculiarity of the hurricane candle holders is that they have a broad base. Thus, you do not have to go hunting for tall and lean candles to fit in this candle holder. Even chunkier candles can be used in a hurricane candle holder.

The beauty of a candle can be accentuated by the right candle holder. Go for the right type of candle holder depending on your decor style; you are sure to take your interior decor to a totally new level.

If you are looking for creative ways to decorate your home with candles, then check out the top 25 Indian interior design blogs for some inspiration.

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