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6 Pink Colored Decor Products to Brighten Your Room

The color pink is generally considered a girlish color. It is widely used for decorating and painting girl’s bedroom. Even if you consider painting your living area or bedroom in pink hue, then pastel pink would be the preferred one.

Pink shade, especially the bright color, need not be restricted just to your kid’s bedroom. There are innumerable ways to incorporate pink in your decor without making it look overpowering.

How to Use Bright Pink Shade For Your Interior?

  • Go for an accent wall

One way to incorporate bright pink is to paint an accent wall in this color. Depending on the depth of the color, you can either leave the wall as such or place any decor pieces on it.

Pink accent wall
Image courtesy Ideal home

In this bedroom design, the bold color is subdued by going for a headboard in black shade. The headboard suppresses the bright shade and strikes the right balance in the bedroom.

  • Hang Pink curtain

Another way to incorporate pink in your living space is by going for a curtain of that color. If you are going for an all-pink curtain in bright shade, then make sure that the wall is of a pastel shade or white. Keep rest of the decor elements minimal so that the colour stands out.


Rose colored curtain
Image courtesy coloringhacks


  • Accessorizing

If you do not want to create a bold style statement with pink, then accessorizing is the right way to incorporate the color. You can go for cushions, pillows, throws or other table decor products in pink color.

Rose pillow.
Image courtesy India Circus

In this bedroom decor, pink pillows and duvet are used to create a style statement.

Pink Colored Decor Products for your Home

If you are looking to get your home decorated with pink colors, then here are some interesting accessories that you can try out.


1. Solid Pattern Polyester Pink Cushion Cover from Pepperfry


Pink cushion cover
Solid Pattern Polyester Pink Cushion Cover


This beautiful cushion cover is made of high-quality polyester and provides a glossy look. The beautiful layering done on the cushion cover provides a simple yet stunning look to it.

This cushion cover can be placed on the sofa or couch in your living area to brighten up the space. Alternatively, you can also use it in your bedroom for styling your bed or as a chair back.



2. Pink Fuchsia Love Ceramic Decorative Wall Plate from Pepperfry


Decorative wall plate
Pink Fuchsia Love Ceramic Decorative Wall Plate


Made of ceramic, this beautiful wall plate is sure to provide a stunning look to your wall. The intricate work on the wall plate and the beautiful interplay of colors add a sophisticated look to it.

This wall plate can be hung as such, or you can hang 3-4 similar plates on the wall to create a beautiful design.

3. Odishabazaar Pink Dream Catcher Wall Hanging


Pink dreamcatcher
Odishabazaar Pink Dream Catcher Wall Hanging


Beautify your home and attract a positive dream with this pink dream catcher. Fully handmade, this dreamcatcher can ward off negative thoughts and bring in positivity while you sleep.

Though dreamcatchers are mostly hung in the bedroom, it can also be used as wall decor in your living area.

4. Brylane Pouffe in Pink Colour from Pepperfry


Pink pouffe
Brylane Pouffe in Pink Colour


If you are all for textile furniture, then this pouffe is for you. Made of high-quality fabric, the Brylane pouffee is sure to last for long.

This is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be used as seating or for placing decor items. Alternatively, you can also use it as a footstool to rest your feet after a tiring day.

5. Indigifts Place Mat from Amazon

Pink placemat
Indigifts place mat


Add a touch of color to your dining area by going for this pink placemat. Made of polyester, this placemat is water-resistant and hence is highly durable. It is easy to clean and maintain as it is lightweight.

This placemat can be used on a daily basis or for special occasions like Diwali. It is available in a set of four.

6. RDC Designer Table Lamp from Amazon


Pink table lamp
RDC Black Designer Table Lamp with 10″ Round Pink Golden Designer Lamp Shade

This designer table lamp is perfect for your bedside table or living room table. The lamp comes with a metal base and a fabric shade that renders durability to it. YOu can go for normal, CFL or LED bulb for the lamp as per your preference.

The pink color need not be reserved only for girl’s room just because it is sweet and bright. By carefully selecting the decor pieces, you can create an elegant and aesthetically appealing decor with pink.



  1. Pinks are always hard to incorporate into home decor but I love these ideas! The pink pouffe, accent pillows and lampshades are all my favorites. Thank you for a great post!


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