DIY Pistachio Shell Candle Holder

Who dosen’t like pistachios? Well, I do!!

It is not just the pistachio nuts that fascinate me, but the shells as well. As my tongue will be relishing those delectable pistachios, my mind would be wandering around, thinking of various DIY projects I can do with the shell.

This is not the first time I am undertaking a project with pistachio shells. I have made beautiful wall hangings and other artwork with pistachio shells.

Here I present to you a DIY candle holder I made with Pistachio shells. Hope you enjoy it.

Things Required


  1. Keep all items ready.

Material for making diy candle holder.


2. Place the tea light candle in the center and draw a circle. You will be fixing the shell around this circle.

Making Pistachio candleholder


3. Apply Fevicol around the circle and fix the shell one by one. You will have to hold the shells for a few seconds for it to stay firmly.

Also, you should ensure that only a very small quantity of Fevicol is used. If the quantity is more, then the shell will not stay firmly the way you want.

Making Pistachio candle holder


Making Pistachio candle holder



4. Like that complete as many circles as you can fit in.





5. Paint the shells in colour of your choice.

DIY pisachio shell candleholder


Your DIY Pistachio Shell Candleholder is Ready.


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