Home Decor Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Every year brings with it new trends and varieties in home decor. Few of these styles would linger for a while and would take the Indian homes by storm. Whereas others would take a new form and style and reemerge as something new as the year passes.

Here we are presenting a few key home decor trends that are sure to make a hit in 2020. If you are planning to decorate your new home or re-decorate it as per the latest trend, this guide would definitely help you. 

Embrace everything big and bold

While minimalism was the trend up till now, 2020 is going to embrace everything big and bold. Bold colors, big patterns, and vibrant decor pieces are going to be in trend in 2020.

Do up your living area with bright and colorful painting, mixed furniture, and eclectic decor pieces.


Go for Wood paneling

Wood paneling is a trend that is expected to continue this year as well. The visual appeal of the wood as well as the richness it offers make it a favorite with homeowners. Whether you are following a contemporary, modern or rustic style of decor, you can incorporate wood in some form or the other.

You can use wood as panels on the ceiling or the walls or even design it as a statement piece.


Incorporate Vibrant Colours on the Wall

Did you opt for an all-white look for your interiors in the previous year? Then it is time to change it. Vibrant and lively colours are the trend in 2020.

You can provide a touch of drama to the interiors by going for stripes or a combination of light and dark colours. You can even follow a monochromatic color scheme with one wall painted in the dark hue of a shade and the rest of the walls in the pastel colour of the same shade.

According to Berger paints, blush, navy blue, burnt orange, green, purple, red and yellow are the colours you can experiment with in 2020.

Blush colored paint on the wall
Image courtesy Berger Paint


Another way to incorporate bold color on the color is to go for texture painting or textured wallpaper. This was a trend that was followed in 2019 and is expected to continue in 2020 as well. Adding a metallic touch or a pearl sheen adds drama to your interiors.

Go for Interesting Fabric for Furnishing

The type of fabric that is used in furnishing also plays a crucial role in interior decor. In 2020, furnishings in linen, silk, and cotton will be in trend. These fabrics not only provides an elegant look to the interior but also helps to create a bold style statement.

You can go for cotton curtains, silk cushion covers, linen bedspread or even throws and runners in these fabrics.

Incorporate Geometric Patterns 

Gone are the days when floral prints were on-trend. Now geometric pattern with their symmetrical look is in vogue. The main advantage of using a geometric pattern is that it creates a focal point in your interior which is sure to grab the attention of all.

The best way to incorporate geometric patterns is to go for wall art or other wall decors. You can also opt for cushion covers and curtains in geometric print to go with the latest trend.

While using a geometric print you should select the pattern in such a way that it looks elegant but at the same time is not overpowering.

Cotton curtain



Decorate with Terracotta

Eco-friendliness is the buzz in 2020. To go with the eco-friendly and sustainable trend, terracotta is used in abundance in interior decor. Apart from providing a green touch to your interiors, it also offers a raw and natural feel.

Terracotta can be used in the form of wall art, and decor pieces. Terracotta floor and wall tiles also provide an interesting visual treat and an earthy tone to the decor.

While decorating with terracotta, you should consider the kitchen as well, as it is no more a place for cooking. You can hang beautiful terracotta artwork on the wall or display terracotta wares on open shelves in the kitchen.

Terracotta decor pieces

Mix of Metals

Gone are the days when a single metal was used for decor purposes. In 2020, a mix of metals from steel to copper and brass will be used. The mixing of metals can be seen not only in accessories but also in furniture and wall surfaces.

Metal decorative wall hanging

Home Decor Products to Decorate Your Home

Here are a few interesting items that you can use to decorate the home

PAF Flower Framed Wall Art Paintings

Colourful painting
PAF Flower Framed Wall Art Paintings

Buy Now

This is a 14″ x 14″ wall painting that can be hung in the living room or bedroom. It is lightweight and waterproof and is very easy to maintain.


Raksha-100% Cotton Purple Color Loop Door Curtains

Colourful cotton curtain
Raksha-100% Cotton Purple Color Loop Door Curtains set of 2

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This beautiful purple cotton door curtain is available in a set of two. You can hang it in the living room door, bedroom door or any other place you think would look good.


CIDIZY Multicolor Decorative Designer Printed Jute Cushion Cover

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This beautiful cushion cover comes with maple leaves floral design that provides a vibrant look to your interiors. The cushion cover is available in three sizes – 12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, 24″ x24″ – and you can select one depending on your requirement.


Indianara 3 Piece Set of Framed Wall Hanging Abstract Home Decor Art

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Geometric prints are in vogue in 2020. This beautiful wall art comes with multi-colored geometric prints that would be the right choice for your interiors. The print is available in a dimension of 22″ x 22″ and comes without a glass cover.

ExclusiveLane Terracotta Warli Hand-Painted Home Decorative Miniature Small Pots

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Provide an Indian touch to your decor with this beautiful terracotta pots decorated with Warli hand painting. These pots are available in a height of 2-3 inches and can be used as a showpiece for the shelf or table.

Decorate your home with these beautiful products and style your home in-sync with the latest in interior decor.

Source: Hindustantimes, Indian Express, timesofindia.com


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